Saturday, 1 December 2012

Handmade Christmas


We've been busy enlisting the help of family and friends for some festive homemade christmas decorations which are in the shop now!

There are handmade papier mache baubles using old/unused (or garish!) christmas decorations- Just a few coats of paper and glue and then a glossy varnished finish. We've also made a very easy brown paper version handpainted in white gouache again using old baubles.

Another old favourite is salt dough for decorations, in this case we used cookie cutters for ease but hand-pressed shapes can be even nicer when they have a flattened rounded edge.

                                       Lovely lavender hearts made by Clare Collingridge


 Also printed cards, wrap, hand-knitted christmas stockings, teacup candles, bunting and more baubles. These gorgeous pincushions with vintage buttons made by the talented Felicity Gray

More new furniture coming soon!